What is Protein? Breaking Down the Basics of a Well-Known Nutrient

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We know we need protein, but do we know why we need it? Get to know this nutrient and everything it does for us!

What is protein? Do I really need it? How much? What does a monkey look like if he doesn't get enough protein? These questions are all answered in a fun video for all our Sunwarriors out there. What is Protein is a fairly short (4:49) whiteboard animation featuring protein and what sets Sunwarrior apart from the rest. Watch mesmerizing hand-drawn characters come to life before your eyes. We're excited to share it. 

Protein is the most abundant molecule, apart from water, in our bodies. We always think of muscle when we talk about protein or about their components, amino acids, but these essential little building blocks are found in every cell and tissue throughout the body.

beans_jars_dry_healthy_calcium_protein_picProtein facilitates the digestion and absorption of nutrients. It acts as a cell's hands to grab and carry those nutrients into their interiors. And it removes waste and toxins. Protein combines with vitamins and minerals to do even more: move oxygen from the lungs and to cells that desperately need it to survive, act as antioxidants (cleaning up free radicals that do cellular damage and contribute to cancer and aging), and aid the immune system in recognizing and removing threats to our health and wellness. It even goes into hormones our bodies use to balance and regulate hundreds of systems and functions, from blood sugar to emotions.

This nutrient is able to be such an extremely versatile molecule thanks to what goes into it and how it's made. The body synthesizes proteins from amino acids, forming them into long chains. The chains can then twist and fold into unique shapes with practically endless possibilities and combinations in form and function. The bonds in these chains make protein very strong, flexible, and elastic, like a spring, perfect for both muscles and enzymes that need to move, shift, and react.

Proteins do have a weakness though. Their kryptonite? Heat. To be fair, it has two kryptonites: heat and extreme pH. These break the bonds that hold the twists and folds together, destroying any of the abilities that protein might have once held. Many of the enzymes we eat in whole foods help break down other proteins during digestion and also make many vitamins and minerals easier to absorb, but cooking can remove these benefits. Heat can also create cross bonding between proteins where denatured chains randomly link to other chains. These cross bound proteins are harder to digest and put to use, so many of the amino acids are lost, discarded as waste.

smoothie_cashew_banana_sunwarrior_protein_breakfast_shake_healthy_yummy_picThere are other problems with the protein we eat. Some of these amino acids can be made by the body, but some must come from diet. Since the body doesn't store amino acids, we do need a daily supply, but too much can be harmful. Excessive protein bogs down digestion, can supply way more calories than we need, and does harm to the liver and kidneys. Too little is also a problem, making us weak and more susceptible to disease and illness.

Sunwarrior strives to provide a clean, healthy amount of quality protein with a balanced amino acid profile, not too much, not too little. This protein is also raw, undamaged by heat, and ready for maximum absorption. Sunwarrior can be easily added to vegan protein smoothies for the best plant-based amino acids followed by amazing performance and recovery, without the downsides of bloating, gas, gluten, denatured proteins, allergens, or phytoestrogens that can be found in whey, casein, and soy. Take a look at Warrior Blend, Sunwarrior Classic, and Classic Plus today and discover the difference for yourself.​

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  • Raw Warrior has kept me alive and healthy. I had a TBI in 12-09. vertigo made it impossible to eat. no appetite for the last 6 years. I lived on this..and still do...every day. I now can eat veggies and fruits but this is my mainstay. I mix it with raw milk or organic whole milk. I am 62 years old now and much healthier than I was even before the accident. so thankful for this wonderful product. I will use it daily for the rest of my life.

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    • In reply to elaine's comment

      Elaine, send us an email at support@sunwarrior.com with a shipping address and what you'd like to try and we'll send you some samples. The vanilla and chocolate flavors are both very tasty. :)

    • In reply to admin's comment

      Hi, I'm from Canada and would love to try your samples before I place an order. I have to consider US$ versus CDN$ + Shipping and Handling...
      Thanks for your help...will send you an e-mail to support@sunwarrior.com
      With gratitude !

  • Sun Warrior Protein has given me my energy back without weight gain! I bring a thermos of this yummy protein mixed with seed milk whenever I am going out for the day or night to boast my energy when I begin to slump. My body tells me that Sun Warrior is good food. It is something I can count on to make me feel good and I am totally grateful to the people who have created this great product.

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  • Protein is the allance of muscle and mass. Too much of anything can harm but just enough along with other minerals will enhance the protein and places the checks and pluses to maintain exact body mass. Yes, muscle does come to mind first but to build muscle over protein can lead to excess fat.

  • This is a great, fun and informative video. From an artist point of view I was engaged from the get go! I loved the graphics and enjoyed keeping up with the artist's renderings.From a health conscious ''monkey" (my chinese astrology sign) I loved clear simple information as well as the storyline(II certainly have had my share of yuckie tasting, bloat-guarenteed protein powders).
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