We are shaking up our serving sizes

And making it easier to schedule your favorite protein around your active life.
That means the larger tubs will disappear. Meet your new serving sizes below.

30 Servings

15 Servings

New Tubs | Lower Prices

  • Easier to try all our proteins or test new flavors
  • Easier to buy with less up front
  • Smaller batches stay fresh
  • Easier to cycle your protein sources

Expect month and half-month serving sizes to hit shelves near you, replacing the larger tubs!
More 'Bout Them Tubs

Same Containers

  • Why fix what isn’t broken?
  • Save costs for us and you!
  • To avoid confusion with new tubs

We didn’t want to pass any extra costs on to you, so we’re keeping the same packaging. It’s just the serving sizes that will change. We hope you like the changes. We’re always striving make your life better, healthier, and happier!
Upcycle Those Tubs (We Have So Many Suggestions)

Flipable Lids

Our game-changing new lids and scoops are here! Never dig through your protein powder for that elusive scoop again! Sunwarrior has solved that problem forever!