Affiliate FAQ

What are the benefits of becoming an affiliate?

Receive commissions on people who purchase from your website(s). Receive commissions on your own purchases.

How much will I get paid for each sale?

New affiliates get paid 10%. Once volume increases and remains constant, your commissions can increase.

Is there any cost to become an affiliate?

There are zero costs to become an affiliate.

Can a nonprofit join the affiliate program?


Do I need my own website to get started as an affiliate?

You do not need a website, but it's highly recommended that you have one. TruLink allows you to register your domain(s), and this is a more sure way of receiving credit for any sales. User settings and browsers sometimes block cookies, so no matter what affiliate software is being used, if the customer has blocked their cookies, you may not receive credit. This means you can use your affiliate id without a website, but you are taking a risk. The best advice is to take them to your website or landing page which has been registered with our affiliate software and then have a banner or link to our website from there.

How does Sunwarrior track orders coming from my website?

TruLink allows you to register your domain(s) and then tracks direct traffic from your site(s) to Sunwarrior.com

How will I be paid?

You can be paid either by check or through your PayPal account. Please select your preferred method of payment.

When will I get paid?

Payments are made to affiliates within the first 10 days of each month for the previous month's sales to all affiliates who have accumulated $50 or more in commissions. For those who have not reached $50 in commissions, commissions from following months will accumulate until commissions have reached the $50 requirement.

Where can I check the reporting on my sales and how often does it update?

You can login at any time to your account here: www.affiliates.clickinc.com. You can also receive email alerts on sales.

If I have more than one website, can I link to Sunwarrior from each site?

Yes, please register them separately.

Which Sunwarrior products can be sold by affiliates?

All products offered on Sunwarrior.com may be marketed by affiliates.

Who handles the inventory and shipping of orders?

Sunwarrior provides drop shipment for our affiliates, which means you have no products to buy and we ship directly to your customers for you. Because we have license agreements with distributors in other countries, affiliate sales are for U.S. residents only.

Will I get credit for a sale only if a customer makes a purchase directly from my Web link?

No. We understand that a customer may not buy the first time they visit the site, so our affiliate software registers the direct link and gives you credit if the buyer purchases within 90 days after clicking your link, even if they go to Sunwarrior.com directly. The only exception is if they click on another affiliate's link or website in the interim.

What banners, buttons, images, or links will I have access to as an affiliate?

The banners are available through the 'Banners' menu button under the 'Marketing' tab. You can link to any page from your site if you've registered your website with TruLink. You may also add your affiliate id code to the end of any Sunwarrior page (example: Sunwarrior.com/?affid=123456).