What’s a Medallion?

Our logo has always looked like a coin. Might as well own it and let you own them too!

So now you can earn those coins, watch them grow, and spend them to get more of Sunwarrior products and gear you love. It’s FREE to sign up!

How it works


We make it easy! $1 spent on Sunwarrior products nets you 1 Medallion. Sharing a unique link can earn you more. We’re looking for new ways to reward you too!


Watch your supply of Medallions grow as you work your health and fitness! Every 10 Medallions is another dollar you have to spend when you need one.


Those Medallions aren’t just for show. You can cash them in to save money on the Sunwarrior products and gear you know, want, and love.

Additional Medallion Benefits

10% OFF

Stretch your Medallions further. You’ll get this discount on everything in our store as a Medallion Rewards Member. *

Free shipping

Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all your orders. It doesn't get much better than that.

Free Points

Mine for FREE Medallions by sharing Sunwarrior on Facebook, Instagram, or anywhere else. We’ll give you 25 every time someone buys!

*Medallion Rewards Discount cannot be applied to other discounts.
Medallion Rewards available to USA customers only and void where prohibited by law.

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Medallions today!

We want to reward you for using Sunwarrior and make it easier to restock when you run low! It really is that simple and it’s FREE to sign up. Why not take advantage of us already?

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Get lucky

Find hidden Medallions!

Join the GREAT SUNWARRIOR CODE HUNT! We’re hiding Medallion codes {svfa2fny} on our social media sites, all over Health Hub, and in our emails. Keep an eye out. Many are worth 5 Medallions. Quite a few range from 10 to 500. A few are worth a whopping 1,000 each! Go find those Medallions!