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Super Greens

Power Drink

Enjoy the recipe!

Hey, Hobie Call here. I’m a fan of eating 5 or 6 small meals a day versus 3 larger meals. This drink helps me keep cravings at bay and keep my energy levels high. It also makes a perfect meal replacement.

I can make a few in minutes in the morning, put them in thermoses with ice cubes, and keep my mini-meals fresh and ready to drink at any moment all day. As a drink, they keep me hydrated, too. No processed, pre-made drink can rival the nutrition of this powerhouse recipe.

You get both quick/immediate and long-term energy with this drink.

Hobie Call's Legendary Bundle includes one Classic Rice Protein (17 Servings) and one Supergreens (45 Servings), you choose your own flavors!

Suggested Use

Blend and Enjoy!

Note: This recipe is about quality over taste. It will be the best-tasting wheatgrass-like drink you’ll try, but it isn’t an ice cream and cookie milkshake. Drink it anyway! You’ll thank me.

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