Nutritional Information
Quality Protein and


ingredients Make for the Best Sol Foods

You’re always in motion. Fuel that active life with 17 to 19 grams of plant-based protein per bar. Made with healthy, organic ingredients that taste like sunshine and joy. If you aren’t sure what those taste like, we make it clear with our flavor lineup.

Cinnamon Roll, Salted Caramel, Blueberry Blast, and Coconut Cashew (currently out-of-stock) will be your new go-to proteins. Sōl Good! Sōl Delicious!

Bars come in packs of 12. If you would like to try the individual bars, give us a call at 1-888-540-3667. We’ll send you a sample pack mixed and matched any way you would like it for under $10!

Your high octane lifestyle demands more, and you deserve something with Sōl.

Suggested Use

Step one: remove wrapper. Step two: eat bar. Please make sure you master step one. The bars taste much better when you do.

Whole Grain Brown Rice
Yellow Peas
Sunflower Butter
Four Amazing Flavors

Seriously, we outdid ourselves

Salted Caramel

All the sweet, salty, gooey flavor you expect with none of the downsides of indulging in your caramel addiction. You’re welcome!

Blueberry Blast

Blueberry and butterscotchy goodness come together to make this bar practically dessert, but feel free to eat one wherever you want.

Cinnamon Roll

Candied pecans, cinnamon, and a drizzle of silky icing, this bar has all that and more going on behind that wrapper. Unwrap the deliciousness already!

Coconut Cashew

Make the tropics come alive in your mouth! Coconut and cashew pair perfectly for a creamy, nutty snack on the trail or to boost your protein at the gym.

I rarely stand still for long and often find myself upside-down, so protein bars that can handle my campaign against gravity just make sense in my life. It doesn’t hurt that they taste as good as a backflip feels, but with icing!

- Modern Tarzan