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of the Protein You Love for On-The-Go

You can’t haul that tub of protein up the hill on hikes or toss it in a bag or backpack, but you can still take Sunwarrior with you when you aren’t close to home or the gym. These single servings fit into your active lifestyle. Toss one or two in a blender bottle and you can take them just about anywhere. Who doesn’t want to sip a delicious, protein-rich smoothie while dangling their legs over a cliff or power their workday through to the end with a boost of protein in the afternoon?

Suggested Use

Mix, shake, or blend protein powder with your favorite beverage (we favor nut-milks, but we accept your life choices). Once you master the beverage, try adding fruit, greens, superfoods, boosters, spices, ice, and more to make smoothies that are as unique, delicious, and super swanky as you are.

As a rock climber and yoga teacher, maintaining strength while staying slim is a priority. But keeping that balance is tricky when I need to fuel my body, replenish what it loses, and keep up with all the nutrients I need, especially the healthy fats and enzymes. Illumin8 is my one-stop-shop.

- Camille Fiducia