Vegan Vigilante Take Over

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Join the Vegan Vigilante, aka celebrity vegan chef Jason Wrobel, as he steps up to every challenge Sunwarrior throws at him. Cook in someone else’s kitchen with their meager ingredients and tools? Make a vegan meal from items found at a dollar store? Can the Vegan Vigilante tackle these tasks and more?

Vegan Home InvasionEpisode 1: View Recipe

This week we asked Jason to cook a healthy, plant-based meal for friends, using only the ingredients, tools, and equipment found in their kitchen. He isn’t allowed to take anything from home, not his beautiful blender, his fancy knives, or even a packet of Sunwarrior superfood protein. The Vegan Vigilante must prove his skills!

Vegans in My KitchenEpisode 2: View Recipe

Jason Wrobel hits a new set of friends and a new kitchen. Can he find anything worth making hidden in the random ingredients they happen to have on hand? Can justice (or at least a decent meal) be served? Will his non-vegan friends find satisfaction in plant-based food or come away empty-stomached? Watch and find out.

Eatin' Vegan from the 99 Cent StoreEpisode 3: View Recipe

The Vegan Vigilante is at it again, but this week Sunwarrior gave him a new challenge. He must make a completely vegan meal that is healthy, delicious, and satisfying while using ingredients only found in his local 99 cent store. Madness? Perhaps, but any good super-culinary hero must face each new nemesis and conquer the day!

7-11 is Plant Based?!Episode 4: View Recipe

After taking on the 99 cent monster, Sunwarrior has decided to up the stakes, sending the Vegan Vigilante to take on something truly scary. Can our not-so-masked hero Jason Wrobel take the ingredients found in a 7-11 and make a culinary masterpiece? We have our doubts, but you’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Walgreens Goes Vegan?!Episode 5: View Recipe

For his fifth challenge, Sunwarrior isn’t pulling any punches. Jason, as the Vegan Vigilante, will dive head-first into the mouth of a beast that isn’t known for food so much as for prescriptions and cosmetics. Yes, we are sending him to a Walgreens for his plant-based ingredients. Are we hoping he’ll fail? Maybe we just like making him sweat.